Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Why Lake Como Italy Estate Property is in Demand ?

Value Property in Italy & Why Lake Como Estate is in Great Demand? There is no doubt that Italy is beautiful, and people are ready to pay the price for its magnificence. However, not all of Italy is for multimillionaires with holiday homes all over the world. Value property is also present in Italy for people who want to experience the country without investing millions. Here are tips to find such property in Italy; 

Move south -  If you are planning a long stay and doesn’t mind living in a regular Italian setting, then, going south could benefit. Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria are destinations that are enchanting and capture the real beauty of Italy in a wonderful way. 

For breathtaking landscapes -  In case you are looking for picturesque scenery and serenity, moving to the central Italy is much worthwhile. Marche is a region appreciated amongst people with love for natural beauty. Sabine Hills are also known for their value factor. 

Sicily is flourishing -  Sicily is mostly known for the wrong reasons but the time has changed. Various regions in the island are coming up as affordable luxury destinations and are fast gaining popularity. 
Both affordable accommodation and property purchase scene are promising in Southern Italian region.  

Ever Increasing popularity of Lake Como 

If southern Italy is known for landscape and affordability, Lake Como area is known for its opulence and luxury. The grand villas, historical structures and pleasant climate have helped a lot in keeping the glow of Como alive. However, there are various other points that make businessmen and entrepreneurs choose Como as their vacation hideaway; 

Good connectivity -  Milano Malpensa Airport gives strategic advantage to vacationers for whom time and connectivity are more important than air travel expenses. Switzerland and Lugano are not much far either. Hence, rich and famous like to dock at Lake Como to ensure that they can get away quickly when they have to. 

Stability -  The real estate market in Lake Como region is quite stable and doesn’t very much pays heed to the fluctuations in rest of the world. While it is impossible to show complete immunity to global changes, Lake Como property market finds strong base in environmental and heritage factors. Plus, global demand never shows a major downward trend to worry investors. 

Heritage  - Lake Como has a rich cultural and architectural heritage that makes it unique from investment point of view. Castles, historic villas and cottages add to Como charm and make it even more luring.  

It is the perhaps best time to go property hunting in Italy as economy is still recovering from the financial crisis and there are greater chances of getting a good deal. However, the suggestion for foreign nationals looking for property purchase is ‘to hire a lawyer that can help with preliminary agreement’. Financial loops can be confusing even if you have the knowhow of acquisitions and tax structure. 

For property search and negotiations, local real estate agent can make a huge difference. Property and renovation laws in Lake Como are especially chaotic. So, local property expert can save you from bad investment accounting to millions.

Property at Lake Como is a group of consultants that help global real estate investors in searching and buying Lake Como property . It also specializes in renovation and various other property related services  

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