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Buying a Villa and Best Destinations to Buy a Home in Northern Italy

Buying a villa in a foreign location could be an arduous task considering the research and offshore factor. Selecting a place can be equally demanding when it comes to purchasing holiday homes and real estate property. Northern Italy is the favored region when it comes to luxury property buying, and it offers a variety of options to choose from. This post will bring you across the most popular Northern Italian property destinations at present along with some exclusive villas that are available for rent & sale. So, make an informed property choice for your next purchase.

Let's say one morning you dreamed a place where you want to have a home from a long times and You have finally made up your mind about buying that holiday home you always wanted. Your credit statements and investments look promising and it may finally be the time to invest.
Even though you have answered some crucial questions, it is always good to double-check. This becomes more important if you are buying foreign property because you are probably spending thousands of dollars.
Northern Italy Lake Como is favored by vacationers all over the world for holiday homes but before you start looking for a home to buy, first work out whether managing another house would be worth the effort. Give careful attention to property views and your requirements. Investing in holiday homes requires extra alertness because of the distance factor.

Recent News From Italy Real Estate  :

MILAN | Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:48am EDT A news Reporting by Silvia Aloisi

Asked when Italy would exit the recession, Saccomanni told Rome daily Il Messaggero in an interview published on Sunday: "By the end of this year.

Italy’s economy will begin emerging from its longest slump since the Second World War in the fourth quarter of this year and should grow through 2014, its economy minister Fabrizio Saccomanni said.
Italy has been in recession since mid-2011 and its central bank expects gross domestic product to contract by around 2% in 2013 and grow by about 0.5% in 2014.

Saccomanni said the government would move ahead with plans to use the sale of state properties to cut the debt, though estimates Rome could reap €400 billion from selling state assets were too high.

"We will start with real estate... it will not be an easy or quick job... but it is right to get going to give a concrete signal to the market," the minister said.

Your property agent needs to have some killer set of skills to get that historic cottage with private parking. Here are the 4 qualities;

· Good estate track record · Local and language awareness · Good network and market standing · Great communication skills

Your property agent has to be comfortable to work with. Start by asking your friends and family member for referrals. Make sure you are comfortable with your agent before committing to work with that person.

Macro Badalla: Head of Property At Lake Como, Property At Lake Como is leading real estate firm for luxury properties. Follow on Twitter @PropertyComo https://twitter.com/PropertyComo , primarily focuses on and is specialised in real estate in the Lake Como area (North Italy )

Locations to buy real estate in Northern Italy 

Italy has many different appeals, its two mountain ranges, the Alps and the Apennines, and the lakes like Garda. Northern Italy has extensive areas of woods and farmland .

Here's where to start looking, when analyzing the Italian property market .

Menaggio : The town located on the western shores doesn’t receive huge inflow of vacationers. However, there is no death of coffee shops, gelaterias and restaurants. For the ones passionate about golf, there is a lake-front mini golf. holiday villas Lake Como in Menaggio could be easy to find as compared to other places where property prices are sky high.

Varenna : Located on the eastern shore, Varenna is home to Italy's shortest river and also regarded as one of the best places for exquisite gardens. Villa Cipressi and Villa Monastero lure the visitors with their beauty. The population of the town in below 1000 and if one is looking for seclusion, it could be the perfect place for hunting luxury property in Lake Como.

Milan - House prices are incredibly high, high rental costs also guarantee a great return for a property investor's home purchase.

Genova- Genova is close to mountains and sea , next to popular tourist attraction Cinque Terre.
The Italian Lakes- Como, Garda and Maggiore offer impeccable views and a mature tourist nature scene with tons to do. It is laden with works of art, churches, gardens, museums, historic villas, theatres and parks. Located at the southern end of the lake, it boasts of good transportation infrastructure. Como is also the birthplace of many historic personalities such as Alessandro Volta.

Piemonte- Buying a home in Piemonte makes it easy to connect to France: Piemonte is connected to France via the Frejus Tunnel.

Bellagio - Bellagio is known for its boat service, tourist inflow and also Villa Serbelloni owned by Rockefeller family. It receives a large amount of tourist inflow and is well celebrated for real estate too.

Bologna- Emilia Romagna is home to some of Italy`s greatest food including the famous prosciutto of Parma. All kinds of real estate opportunities here abound.

Tremezzo : Tremezzo on the other hand is smaller as compared to Bellagio but is known for its grandeur and historic villas. One of the most distinguished is Villa Carlotta completed in 1745. Those who plan to buy Lake Como property keep these two towns along with Menaggio and Varenna on top of their list.


                    Few Available Villas For Sale  Northern Italy , Specially Lake Como 

Luxury Apartments in Moltrasio Edenrock

Edenroc Luxury is located on the western shore of Lake Como on the border with the town of Cernobbio, strategically located within 10 min to the highway (Como - Milano ) and Lugano (Switzerland), and from the airports of Malpensa and Bergamo, both reachable in 30 minutes

Position:  Lake View               
Town / Area : Moltrasio      
N° Bedrooms: 3      
 Floors: 1

Villa Sunset Lake Como
Position: Lake View                 
Town / Area: Varenna         
N° Bedrooms: 7       
Floors: 3

Villa Luce Lake Como

This prestigious mansion has been completely renovated with an exclusive designer furniture, creating a unique personality in quiet spot on Lake Como in front of the peninsula of Bellagio that is one of the most pictoresque sight.

Position: Lake View
Town / Area: Lenno
N° Bedrooms: 8        
N° Floors: 4

 Villa Convento For Sale lake como

Villa Convento offers beautiful lake views, ample parking space, swimming pool and all the modern amenities. The historic property in Bellagio is available for sale. 

                                                            Villas Available For Rent 

Villa Riviera

Villa Riviera is one of the most prestigiuos villas on lake Como that can guest up to 14 people in its contemporary-classical chic bedrooms.

Position: Lakeside - Waterfront
Town / Area: Tremezzo        
N° Bedrooms: 14

Villa Sunshine lake Como

Waterfront Villa facing the lake for seasonal rentals (weeks or months).
Position: Lakeside - Waterfront        
Town / Area: Bellagio          
N° Bedrooms: 16

Villa La Cassinella Lenno Lake Como 

Prices : On request , Contact Link  http://www.villaatlakecomo.com/contact-us.html

Travel Hotspots of Northern Italy 

The Northern part is particularly famous for Venice with its beauty, architecture, and history but it also packs various other travel hotspots.

Trieste  : The beautiful Trieste deserves the first mention for its magnificent edifices and natural heritage. The city has a rich history of buildings, and lures visitors with its castles and opulence.

Verona  : The city is supposed to have witnessed the love story of Romeo and Juliet but it is not the only thing that makes Verona a must visit for Northern vacationers. The city has survived various invasions and preserves its heritage.

Parma : For cheese lovers, a Northern Italian vacation cannot be complete without visiting the Parma city. It is known for its prosciutto and cheese production facilities.

Genoa : It is the sixth largest city in Italy, and falls nowhere short in terms of architectural beauty. Port of Genoa made the setting for international trade and brought prosperity to the land.


Rentals Status of North Italy Property
Renting is unattractive for Italian landlords, because of rent controls and other restrictions. Rental properties have long yielded poor returns. Properties generally have low yields of 3% to 5%, according to Global Property Guide. In June 2010:
  • apartments in Milan had yields ranging from 3.39% to 3.76%

The Lakes and Tuscany always remain popular, with apartment prices starting at around £80,000 / $115,000; small farmhouses will easily be over double this.
Housing loan rates in Italy, September 2011:
Italy interest rate
  • Fixed rate up to 1 yr: 3.14%
  • Fixed rate 1-5 yr: 3.58%
  • Fixed rate 5-10 yr: 4.08%
  • Fixed rate 10 yr +: 4.64%.
Italy’s interest rates reflect European Central Bank rates. Rising inflation pushed the ECB’s key rate to 1.25% in April, and 1.50% in July 2011. In November 2011, ECB’s base rate eased back to 1.25%.

Italian Property Market in 2013 

Some experts believe 2013 will be a more positive year, especially in certain markets. Linda Travella of Casa Travella Ltd explained that while home values are at the lowest levels experienced for some time, they will remain static this year. With data from the Federation of Professional Estate Agents showing that overall values fell by 11.98 per cent in 2012, this will be welcome.

Here are some points that reflect the present Italian real estate market in the best possible manner .

No downfall in property enthusiasm of foreign nationals
Italy still commands the same respect and reverence amongst property hunters as it did before the economic downturn. Germans are very much interested in finding luxury estate in prominent Italian cities. British and Russian nationals are also ready to pay big money for worthy estate. While locals are finding it hard to invest in a second home due to the economic downslide, research reveals that offshore community is eager to spend for the right piece of estate.

Real estate prices to slide
There is no denying that Italian economy has been hit by the economic downslide. Taxes, mortgage lending and various other factors have contributed greatly in bringing down the property prices. If economic forecasts are to be believed, Italian economy is not supposed to expand this year.

Lake Como still talk-of-the-town
If you are looking for serenity, good climate and have some millions to spare, Lake is the place for you. Many years have passed since Clooney started the Como rush but wealthy families are still thronging the towns marking Como to own a holiday home in its serene setting. Ones looking for places to visit and purchase property are also preferring Como over other hot Italian destinations.

Luxury and country properties still in demand
Luxury properties in coastal regions are in great demand presently. Closely following are the queries for villas located in distant settings. Some clients still wish to be closer to the Central Italy but tastes and preferences are changing. If the findings of Bank of Italy are to be believed, properties are taking longer time to shift hands with average hovering around 8.5 months last year. In case one is looking for historic properties, the time span can stretch to even a year.

The prices are not supposed to slump any further. So, this might be the right time to buy that waterfront cottage in Como or studio apartment in Milan. To get the best deal and price, get in touch with a local real estate specialist once you have made a decision about the region.

Source : http://my.lifeinitaly.com/threads/12974-Italian-Property-Market-in-2013

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