Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tips for Lake Como Property buyers & Vacationers

Such is the beauty and opulence of Lake Como that it attracts crowd from all over the world. While some reach the shores of Como to spend their vacations, some turn the trip into a property hunting expedition. To have a successful visit for both purposes, there are some ideas that should always be kept in mind. So, here are some tips for Como visitors to make their visit a fruitful one;

Tips for Property buyers

Money will not seal the deal – Families that own prominent villas and estate in Como have no dearth of money. Hence, going with a mindset that money will work out everything would be a wrong notion. If it is prime-property you are hunting for, a good word from a local name can come pretty handy. Common acquaintances and references from family members can play crucial role in sealing the property deal. So, it would not be wise to flaunt blank cheques. Money takes a back seat in Como when it comes to high end property.

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Consider local laws for renovation – Lake Como villas and structures have a specific charm, and local authorities go to great lengths to preserve it. Hence, thinking you can buy a property and give it an overhaul according to your taste can lead to disappointment. There are stringent laws in Lake Como area when it comes to renovation and repairs work. In this field too, money will serve little purpose. So, while buying Lake Como real estate that requires renovation work, getting in touch with a renovation specialist can benefit greatly.

Joining hands with a local real estate firm is the quickest way to complete property transaction.

Tips for vacationers

Book in advance – Lake Como is a global tourist hotspot and receives a steady stream of tourists throughout the year. So, going impromptu in case of lodging could turn out to be utter tragedy. Hotel and travel bookings for summer vacationers are done way in advance. So, make sure you have secured a room for your stay. In case you are looking for luxury villas rental Como, getting in touch with a local real estate name could be a good idea.

Think about language – While hotel staff will certainly be well versed in English, the global language can fail you in other places. To make sure you are able to find your way at time of need, familiarize yourself with Italian. Carrying a small dictionary and doing prior research can be beneficial in various ways. This is especially important if one is traveling alone and plans to explore Lake Como area at length, including distant towns and estates.

There is no dearth of fun filled activities in Lake Como area. The lake itself creates scope for plenty of water filled fun, and there are always more historic and waterfront villas Lake Como to explore.

While these are some tips for vacationers and real estate enthusiasts, do share your ideas in the comments section;

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