Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Real Estate Investors Guide to Como Property Buying

Property buying is always a demanding task when one is exploring offshore options. Property hunting in Lake Como surroundings can be literally exhausting as there are so many things to consider. But with the right knowledge and guidance, the task can be accomplished without a blooper. So, here is a real estate investor’s guide to Como property buying for people looking for historic villas and holiday homes;

Property survey

Photographs show only the good sides of a property. Hence, it is important to get acquainted with the property personally. Go for a property survey if possible. In case you can’t, make sure your agent does.


Lake Como property sells because of its amiable climate and picturesque views but not every property promises them. You need to make sure your holiday home offers breathtaking views from maximum spots. If it doesn’t, well, you have a point to bargain on price.

Private parking and garage

Make sure that your Como home comes with private property and garage. Both add great value to the property and can get you a good price in future. If you wish to keep fleet of cars, then, they are a must-have.


Lake Como surrounds are laden with mountains and greenery. But not every Como property promises it. So, make sure your Como holiday home has its share of green cover.

Restoration requirements

If one excludes recently developed apartment properties, most of the Como structures qualify for the tag of ‘ancient’. If you are looking for a historic villa, then, restoration work might be required. So, before property transfer, study the entire restoration requirements and bargain accordingly.

Proximity to travel options

Ferry service of Lake Como is quite celebrated. Road travel is equally good in most areas but can sometimes be time consuming. So, do consider travel options and proximity to ferry services.

Amusement options

Children wouldn’t sit by you while you see the sunset. So, play parks, theme parks and picnic spots should also be on your must-have list.


Make sure that your holiday home gets ample sunlight in all the seasons. Don’t assume that every property gets sunlight throughout the day.

While these points cover near about everything, do make additional research for more points. In case you think we missed something, please share in the comments section.

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