Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Lake Como Property Purchase - Points to Keep in Mind

Lake Como area has tranquility, lush green mountains, good air and near about everything that one wishes for when exploring home buying options. The same reasons have made celebrities like Madonna, George Clooney, Ronaldinho, Sylvester Stallone, Richard Branson, and Ben Spies make a beeline to buy holiday homes on the shores of the beautiful lake in Italy. That said, choosing property, especially at a land you don’t know much about, is rather bothersome. Following points highlight important points that might come handy while finalizing your Lake Como property purchase.

Study the property, design and renovation

Property at Lake Como comes in all shapes, ages and sizes. Some villas date back centuries while some are rather new. If it is the old age charm that interests you and thus you have chosen a historical villa, it needs to be made sure that it has received its share of renovation work. This is quite important because buying a property and then spending again on renovations can weigh heavy on your bank balance. In case the property is new and youthful, designs need to be studied and their immaculateness crosschecked.

Mind the rules

They say when it comes to rules in Italy, the list doesn’t come to an end. In case of real estate especially, rules are just too many to understand without the help of an expert. Hence, it would be wise to get assistance from someone who deals in property purchase and transfers. There are some real estate firms at Lake Como that give word of advice to its clients. Besides local bureaucracy, local taxes also need to be minded when looking for villa for sale Como.

Consider non-shore alternatives too

People who are in awe with the beauty of Lake Como usually insist for a villa or apartment on its shores only. While this is a justified demand, this might ask the property hunters to shed a little more money. However, if one chooses to take up property in nearby villages, tens of thousands can be saved. Of course stepping out of the home to find the lake in front is something heavenly but if parting with one element can bring better properties in your budget, then, the idea is worth a thought.

Boathouse and ferry stop considerations

If one is planning to invest in boathouse, then, there is a lot more to keep in mind. Along with the condition of the property and space for the boat, tidal ebb and flow also need to be considered. In case of investing in a villa, proximity to ferry service can be an additional advantage to cover great distances quickly. Seasoned vacationers also consider the factor while choosing hotels at Lake Como.

Investing in property can be very demanding especially when we are talking about foreign land. Britons have been in love with Lake Como for quite some time now. And to tell the truth, the place deserves all the attention. While rush for property was started mainly by George Clooney back in 2002, resorts at Lake Como have always flourished because of the tourist inflow.

So, keep the above point in mind and you may find your heavenly home on earth.

Property at Lake Como is real estate company that assists vacationers in finding Lake Como holiday homes. It lists all the prime properties that come up for sale on its website, http://www.villaatlakecomo.com/.


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