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Booking Luxury Hotels/Restaurants in Lake Como

luxury hotels lake como

Best Hotels and Restaurants on lake como : When it comes to vacations that bring opulence, nature and adventure together, there are very few places that can match Lake Como. The third largest lake in Italy is a marvel in itself and that is why it is frequented by vacationers from all over the world. Presence of grand hotels and restaurants only add to its charm. Though there is no dearth of places fit to stay in Como area, there are some that stand apart for their lavishness and grandeur; same is the case with restaurants too So, let’s some of the best names for holiday staying and also eating;

Villa D’Este Hotel

The foundations of the hotel were laid in 1568 as the residence of Cardinal Gallio. It boasts of 25 acres of gardens that has attracted awe from aristocrats and common people alike. It was only in 1873 that the hotel became its present self. D’Este regularly entertained queens, dukes and royalty in the good old times. It has seen numerous renovations but still attains its old charm in each of its 152 rooms. It offers all the services that a modern hotel should have with some rare ones like private parking, heliport and numerous recreational options.

CastaDiva Resort

The resort in its rich past served as home to the renowned opera singer, Giuditta Pasta in the nineteenth century. The residence was demolished in 1904 and under the careful eye of architect, Carlo Formenti, became a five star resort. It boasts of 75 rooms, restaurant, meeting rooms and a spa. CastaDiva offers breathtaking views of the lake and all the services that a vacationer looks for. It is one of the best hotels on Lake Como.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

This hotel qualifies for the title of one of the oldest hotels in Lake Como area. It opened its gates for guests in 1910. The hotel ownership changed hands in the year 1930 and the structure survived the two wars. The hotel boasts of 90 rooms and suites along with lavish gardens, tennis court, golf course and T spa. From Milan’s Malpensa International airport, it is just an hour’s drive away. With its perfect location on the banks of Lake Como, it is hailed as one of the most distinguished luxury hotels Lake Como .

Gatto Nero Cernobbio

Gatto Nero is a local restaurant with a reputation for its special recipes and elaborate menu. The dining room gives wonderful views of Lake Como. The owner has been active in the catering world for more than 40 years; both dishes and ambience justifies the fact perfectly. The restaurant also entertains celebrity guests from time to time. Gatto Nero is also one of the Lake Como restaurants frequented by vacationers for unique Italian taste.

Navedano Como

When it comes to arranging romantic dinners, there are very few restaurants that can match the opulence of Navedano. It is visited for classic Italian cuisine and is also especially known for its culinary skills with fish and meat. In the year 2012, it was frequented by George Clooney with his girlfriend, Stacy Keibler.

Crotto Dei Platani is another well known restaurant around the Lake Como area.

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