Tuesday, 24 May 2016

10 Tips for Lake Como Home Buyer – Shared by Marco Badalla

 Marco Badalla The owner of PALC (Property At Lake Como) shares some of the most crucial tips, which would help you home buyers make the right decision. Go through the list of tips and consider these at the time of home buying at Lake Como:
#1. Choose location and analyze its distance from important places
#2. Do an online research about all real estate companies and their listing
#3. Check property images and videos before you spend time on visiting a location
#4. Analyze the environment and locality
#5. Check front and back view of the home as well as surroundings
#6. Investigate everything about the home
#7. Contact local real estate professional
#8. Negotiate as much as possible for the price of a property
#9. Don’t forget to get advice from your friends/family
#10. Know about the process of home buying and paperwork

Visit this link to read in details about these points.

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