Monday, 12 May 2014

Luxury Villa at Lake Como for Rent - Villa I Platani

Luxury Villa I Platani at Lake Como for rent . Villa I Platani. Located in Lenno, the luxurious Lake Como villa has come in the rental market for the first time since 1930s

Bedrooms with great views
The Lake Como home for rent is best suited for summer vacations with family or group of friends. The Lake Como property offers brings 7 bedrooms that offer picturesque views to the lake. Admire the beauty of the lake while sipping your morning coffee. 

Call +39 3394817794 or mail at to book Villa I Platani as your rental home in Lake Como. 

Great outdoors
If you have come to experience nature, then, you need a home that promises the best of it. Villa I Platani offers wonderful views from all the rooms, and also brings English garden, greenhouse, shaded dining areas, boathouse, and much more. Spending few days in the lap of nature will surely make you ask for more.   
Make your Lake Como stay special by renting this marvelous property. 
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Elegant interiors

If you have a taste for antique furniture, then, Villa I Platani has plenty of surprises for you. All the pieces for bedrooms, dining room, and living area have been selected after great thought.
Are you are looking for a smaller Lake Como vacation home?  
Call at +39 3394817794 or Send an email at to discuss your Lake Como rental requirements with local realtors. 

Other Lake Como home attractions
If villa interiors left you breathless, exquisite bathrooms will also leave you impressed. All the 6 bathrooms offer picturesque views and offer modern fittings like bathtub & shower.
In addition to that, the Lake Como rental villa brings film library, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, modern alarm system, and other modern amenities. 
Send an email at or Call at +39 3394817794 to discuss rental details and other queries.

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Do you want a Lake Como villa for rent in some other location? Call +39 3394817794 to speak with local real estate agents.

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