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Top Restaurants at Lake Como, Side Trip to Lake Como and Things to do in Lake Como

Best Restaurants Lake Como - WorldTop7 offers a unique choice of the best Restaurants Lake Como, Italy.

Restaurants in Lake Como - What's a vacation without excellent food, delicious cocktails or fine wine in a good restaurant? Such evenings create memories. WorldTop7 offers a selection of the best restaurants in Lake Como. And because we know how different tastes are we cover all of the different restaurant styles! 

Whether a sushi restaurant in Lake Como, an American steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, a Thai eatery or exotic Cajun cuisine - the lovers of culinary delights come fully at their expense and find lots of insider tips. Our restaurant tips in Lake Como are by locals (which should know where it tastes best!), celebrities, globetrotters and business people. And if you've eaten in one of these restaurants in Lake Como where cuisine, service and atmosphere was unbeatable and you want to tell everybody - that's what WorldTop7 stands for! Restaurants in Lake Como with the x-factor! 
Il Gatto Nero
The demands in terms of restaurant style are naturally very varied and WorldTop7 is happy to assist. Whether it is a small, cozy bistro in Lake Como with delicious and authentic food for surprisingly little money or a completely styled Michelin-star restaurant in Lake Como where movie stars and models have diner - here you find everything from inexpensive to expensive, from grunge to classy, from traditional to macro kitchen! 

But not only for your vacation, also for your business lunch or business dinner in Lake Como you can find exactly the right place to eat. Thus, business become pleasure in no time!... Click Here to visit source and restaurants listing page.

Restaurants On Lake Como Listings

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The third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest lakes in Europe, is located in Lombardy, Italy. On numerous trips to visit relatives in the area, I've found it to be a fun place to take the family. Not only does it bring amazing scenery and all-round lakeside frolicking, it also packs authentic taste of Italian food and hiking opportunities.
Come while you taste the landscape, let your taste glands be pampered with some of the best cuisines at Lake Como. Make a lot happen and let thoughts float, be one with the nature’s symphony while you go ‘awesome' with great Italian food at the beloved Lake Como.
Saying it is just a haven for vacationers would certainly be belittling its precious substance, Lake Como is certainly beyond woven words of any poet or a wild canvas that randomly binds you to its core. It is one of the most magical paradises on Earth and Italy’s pride.
It was once a place that was covered with glaciers and now the most desirable place to flock to in Italy. It’s a perfect escape from the daily grind of humdrum life. Lake Como is best known for its serene and magnificent character and the pleasant temperatures that embrace it throughout the year. Amid all this glory, this destination is also well known for Lake Como restaurants. The delectable mouth watering cuisines are sure to swoon you until you melt away at every bite. Some of the best restaurants in Lake Como offer ‘risotto con pesce persico’...

Side Trip to Lake Como

For those whose idea of heaven is palatial villas, rose-laden belvederes, hanging wisteria and bougainvillea, lanterns casting a glow over lakeshore restaurants, and majestic Alpine vistas, heaven is Lake Como. In his Charterhouse of Parma, Stendhal described it as an "enchanting spot, unequaled on earth in its loveliness." Virgil called it simply "our greatest" lake.

Though summer crowds do their best to vanquish the lake's dreamy mystery and slightly faded old-money gentility, they fail. Como remains a consummate pairing of natural and man-made beauty. The villa gardens, like so many in Italy, are a union of two landscape traditions: that of Renaissance Italy, which values order, and of Victorian England, which strives to create the illusion of natural wildness. Such gardens are often framed by vast areas of picturesque farmland -- fruit trees, olive groves, and vineyards.

Lake Como is some 47 km (30 mi) long north to south and is Europe's deepest lake (almost 1,350 feet). If not driving, you arrive at the lake by pulling into the railway station at Como, a leading textile center famous for its silks. Many travelers hasten to the vaporetti waiting to take them to Bellagio and the centro di lago, the center region of the lake's three branches, and its most beautiful section. From Bellagio, vaporetti and car ferries traverse the lake, making it easy for travelers to get to the other main towns, Cernobbio, Tremezzo, and Varenna...

Top Ten Things to do in Lake Como

A particularly favorite destination of celebrities like George Clooney and a renowned playboy playground to boot, Lake Como is considered by many to be the a luxury vacation hotspot. To be true, Lake Como luxury vacations lives up to the "luxury" part of their creation in spades because of their purveyors' willingness to go the extra mile when it comes to delivering lavishness and opulence to their guests.
Lake Como From Villa Melzi Gardens by bestfor / richard - http://www.flickr.com/photos/bestfor/2539077693/
Indeed, taking luxury holidays in Lake Como is the closest you can get in experiencing the life of the rock star without any of the downsides of fame. At any rate, let's look at the top ten things you can do at this place that's quite literally fit for royalty, and experience the magic of Lake Como...Click Here to visit source for more details.

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