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Property Investment 2013-14 - Right/Best Time to Invest in Lake Como, North Italy

Are you thinking or looking of investing in property at Lake Como North Italy? In yes, then, this is right time! Let’s read and go through reports indicating the present time as the best to invest or buy a villa.

Buying a second home in Italy has become increasingly attractive to foreign buyers. While buying a property by considering today’s real estate decline, one should consider few things before investing in real estate;

Checking out the market
If you want to invest in real estate for monetary gains, you need to take a good look at the real estate market.

How well is it doing? Are houses, apartments etc. selling well? Are the prices good at the moment or are a lot of people taking a loss? 

If the market isn’t good right now, it may be worth waiting until things improve.

Buying a property is a big step but the risk is greater if you’re buying in order to make money. Getting financial advice in such situations is crucial because it could help you to understand how the market is doing and whether you should invest or wait.

Since growth is the most vital element in property investment, one needs to give this matter considerable thought and research. Let’s understand Italian real estate and how the market is doing?

Italy property market in 2013
Here are some points that reflect upon the current property market scenario in Italy. According to the market experts:
  • The slump in the property market that started in 2011 still continues.
  • Villas are forever in fashion and still garner international demand.
  • Luxury and country properties are still the best deal.
  • The GDP is expected to contract by 2% in 2013 and expand by 0.5% in 2014 as stated in an interview by the Italian economy minister Fabrizio Saccomanni.
Despite the economic slump, the foreign nationals are as keen as ever to own a piece of heaven on Earth.
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Why Italy is an Intelligent Property Investment Location,

Few Reasons Explained as :
  • Italy is a primary tourist destination and receives a steady flow of vacationers and tourists. Is you invest in a villa or waterfront cottage, you can earn rent throughout the year .
  • There is strong rental potential from both the tourist market and a strong internal market.
  • Low cost airlines have put Italy at the centre of their growth. Vacationers from all over the world flock the shores of Como.
  • The property market is rising steadily up to 20% in “undiscovered” areas.
  • Rural settings are still great bargains for luxury estate.
  • There is no wealth or capital gains tax to be paid in Italy. Renovation laws however a little strict.
  • Rural tourism is becoming a strong tourist market and there are also grants for property renovation in rural areas.
Few More Factors :
Italy’s recession, the country’s longest since World War II, eased in the second quarter amid gains in business and household confidence.
In forum thread, reasons are clearly explained.
From, following information gathered in Specifying and concluded that; your decision of investing in Italian property is right.

According to a recent survey issued by the Gabetti Franchising Agency, even if the housing market is depressed it will reverse its negative trend for 2014.
Meanwhile the Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents states that there will be a slow recovery from the second half of 2013. The highest prices to buy a house in December 2012 were required in central Italy, and the lowest in the South.

Realtors predict that prices will continue their decline in the next quarter, at the same time they are cautionary optimistic for the next two years.

With property prices still sluggish - or falling - in parts of the euro zone in 2013, Italy is now more than ever an affordable investment option, according to different studies conducted by authoritative sources.

“This is exactly the right time to purchase an Italian place in the sun,” says, a leading property portal for non-Italian buyers.

Italian Economy Minister Fabrizio Saccomanni says Italy to exit recession by the end of 2013.
As an expert, what do you think?

Is it really right time to invest in Italian Properties? While investing and buying any property, following two points are highly crucial;
  • Analyzing drop in housing prices .
  • Market favorability for purchase
Both seem to be in favor.
So, this is really right time to invest in Italian property.
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