Friday, 26 April 2013

Italian Property Scene 2013 and Other Observations

When it comes to purchasing holiday homes abroad, timing is everything. Because of the same reason, property investors always keep an eye on the property hotspots and wait for the right time. Global property investors have a penchant for Italy for the obvious reasons of climate, heritage, culture, and of course wine. The year 2013 looks promising for Italian property hunting and here are some findings reflecting on the same;

Property purchase hotspots

Sardinia, Venice and Liguria are being hailed as the new favorites of offshore property buyers. Climate, lifestyle and proximity to airport have put Liguria in the lead while others are not far away. Rural settings are still quite promising if one is coming with a strong currency to close the deal. Tuscany and Umbria on the other hand have lost some of their charm but still attract heavy number of property enthusiasts.

Property buyers

While the Italy fascinates people all over the world, there are some nations that bring more queries as compared to others. Large number of requests for holiday homes comes from USA and Russia. There is a huge Italian property fan base in Northern Europe as well. Buyers from UK on the other hand have shown a downward turn. Statistics indicate that Asian buyers are also showing interest in Italian property recently but the percentage is still minuscule.

Apartments in demand

The taste of locales when it comes to homes is different from overseas property enthusiasts. While scenic views of lakes and mountains matter

a lot to an outsider, Italians have far less concern for them. Preferences also vary in terms of room size and ambience. Various such reasons are pushing up the demand of apartments built as per the tastes of global buyers. Such dwellings usually come with two or three bedroom arrangement. Apartments in Lake Como surroundings are a huge hit amongst global buyers.

Lake Como property still in demand

Property around Lake Como is still a major attraction for international investors as it brings everything Italy has to offer along with picturesque views and serenity.
While vacationers rent holiday homes at Lake Como for a luxurious stay, others purchase historic villas for old age grandeur. Buying Como property near villages can be profitable option as the prices are reasonable in rural settings.


While most of the points reprise a positive outlook, one needs to be carefully while bargaining as Italians consider ‘too low a price’ more an insult than a bargain tactic. In the same way, if you are looking for the most distinguished properties in the Como surroundings, joining hands with a local property consultant could speed up processes a lot.

Most of the exclusive properties change hands privately, without much noise. So, having access to inside information and local links can help a lot to close the deal.

Italian property scene may have lost some of its sheen due to the global slowdown but don’t they say, there is always money and buyers for a good piece of property?

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