Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Property at Lake Como - Basic Things to Consider

Lake Como area is simply heaven to live in. It has everything nature has to offer; beautiful lake, fresh air and an old age charm that could not be found in today's dwellings. While there is no end to property details that one should look into before investing in a house at Lake Como, some basic things shouldn't be left out in any circumstances; these simple yet crucial details need to be confirmed in the initial phase of investigations to save time; so, these are the basic things to consider while buying property at Lake Como;


Nothing pleases an eye better than lush greenery. Sitting in a balcony with a cup of hot tea and looking at the green blanket of trees could be simply breathtaking. Lake Como is known for its greenery but to make sure you don't end up in a home isolated from the the best nature can offer, see to the greenery factor in the very beginning only. It is almost a necessity if you wish to be waken up by the chirping of birds rather than the stupid alarm clock.

Lake view

Quite obviously, every Como property doesn't give picturesque views of one of the most beautiful lake in Italy. So, if you are buying a Lake Como villa solely to revel on the beauty of the lake, then, it might pay to give attention to the views from the potential houses. Buying property at the shores of Lake Como promises the best views. However, it may ask for a little more investment as shore side property is usually expensive. Some of the villages have properties that give perfect lake views along with being light on pocket. So, do consider them too.


While being in the lap of nature is great, one should not forget we have to live with the society at the end of the day. Commute is an important consideration while property hunting in Como. Ferry service of Lake Como is a fast mean to reach distant places; traveling through road is also there but when it comes to distant traveling, water transport scores over every other option. Some towns have much developed water transportation while others have a little less. Hence, one can benefit by looking  restaurants lake como at a place with well connected system of transportation.

Amusement options

Living in a secluded villa makes sense if you are on your own but if there is a family with a couple of restless kids, then, your Lake Como home need to be in proximity to amusements options where little ones can channel their energy. Lake Como is rich with play parks, theme parks, picnic spots and castles. You just need to make sure they fall in the vicinity of your shortlisted apartments Lake Como. Take care of your amusement too by making sure there is a golf club nearby to practice your game.

Sometimes, mountains limit sunlight; so, ensure that your home gets plenty of sun in the winters.
So, these are the few basic things you should consider while scouring rent or holiday lake como.

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