Monday, 19 November 2012

Property at Lake Como Planning Website Upgrades

Maintaining a website is not easy; if the website is related to property and real estate, then, task is even more herculean with need of regular updates and property additions. Property at LakeComo recently announced that it is planning to undertake upgrades in its website to make it more informative and luring for visitors.
The real estate company is known for highlighting the best properties in the Lake Como area. The website brings comprehensive list of historical and new properties for rent as well as sale. It plans to make additions that will add more to the knowledge of the visitor. There is also talk of providing recent pictures, and also images for the properties that were not present earlier. Commenting on the changes, marketing head of company stated;

“Our website lists the best villas at Lake Como area. Because we deal is renting of villas also, we have to make updates according to the availability status of the listed property. Sometimes, property owners prefer to negotiate as compared to listing a price on the website itself. So, we have to keep the price option blank. We plan to make the updates more often so that visitors get correct and timely information. We also plan to convince owners to decide on a price they are looking for their property to get more calls and responses”

The website is being carefully studied by a team to identify more areas of improvement. While the same is being done, the marketing team is looking forward to make additions to the already exhaustive property list. The same is bound to make the website even more luring to the real estate property enthusiasts. In the holiday season, celebrities too search grand villas and houses for rent Lake Como, and website is much favored for its extensive list of historic properties.

Besides property hunters, the website also caters to vacationers by listing the best hotels, restaurants, clubs and adventure hotspots. Only the finest hotels in the Lake Como area finds place in the exclusive list of the website. Reflecting on the same, Marco Badalla, stated that vacationers look for unique cultural experiences. Accommodation plays a crucial role in providing the same. By settling in a waterfront apartment Lake Como near local villages gives one the chance to get in touch with true Italian culture and traditions. The firm recommends clients who look for a stately experience while vacationing to choose historical villas. They have a charm of their own.

While no particular date has been stated for the inclusion of underlined changes, it is being mentioned that they will soon be there to be easily noticed.

Property at Lake Como is a leading name in the property circles of Lake Como. The company assists property enthusiasts from all over the world to rent and buy lucrative properties in enchanting Como surroundings. Along with highlighting apartments forsale Lake Como, it assists vacationers in planning their stay around the third largest lake in Italy. 

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