Thursday, 8 November 2012

How to Taste Luxury While Vacationing at Lake Como?

So How to Taste Luxury During Lake Como Vacations ?   It is true that luxury knows no bounds; the same is especially appropriate of places like Lake Como. People from all over the world reach the shores of Lake Como to experience true first hand luxury that only few places can offer. There are plenty reasons why the area has made such a name for grandeur. So, let’s highlight some of them to help those who are planning their vacations around the third largest lake in Italy;

Grand Hotels

There is something about staying in a grand hotel that gives an exclusive feel. With everything vibrant, beautiful and perfect, one doesn’t have to worry about anything as hotel staff takes care of literally everything. Some of the best hotels on Lake Como have found home in buildings that date back centuries. Such hotels have managed to keep the old charm of the place through careful restoration work. Considering Lake Como was famous around the world for its splendor, such hotels have entertained royalties, monarchs, poets and artists. Being part of such history is something that cannot be experienced everywhere.

Renting Historic Villas

Villa D’Este Hotel Lake Como
Owing a room in a five star hotel is something that can be done anywhere around the world but how about having a whole villa at your disposal? Vacation rentals in Lake Como area offer historic villas to people who like to take luxury to another level. Just like some grand hotels, these villas have also seen important historic events unfold in their corridors. International celebrities like George Clooney plan their stay in such villas to make sure they get the seclusion as well as charm of Lake Como.

Dining at Best Restaurants

Pasta can be founded anywhere but only some can get the true taste of the Italian dish right. Besides world famous pasta, Lake Como restaurants ( offer recipes with traditional favors. Touch of fresh basil, organic tomatoes, cheese, oregano and garlic makes the local dishes of meat and fish truly mouth watering. While the same food can be cooked in another part of the world by skillful hands, taking a meal with enchanting views of Lake Como at sight is a luxury that cannot relished anywhere else. For food lovers that look for experiences along with luxury, places like Restaurant Navedano Como, Restaurant Gatto Nero Cernobbio and Restaurant Crotto Dei Platani Lake Como are nothing less than shrines.

Golf, leisure and sports

For those who dream of practicing their strokes in the best golf clubs around the world, Lake Como is a place that has plenty on offer. With Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club, Pinetina Golf Club and Monticello Golf Club, there are number of places where golf enthusiasts can perfect their game. These are the places where international events are organized from time to time. For the ones that prefer the cocktail of luxury and adventure, there is plenty of scope for yachting, kite surfing, sailing and what not. Villa At Lake Como highlights plenty of other attractions too.

Restaurants On Lake Como
So, if you are planning a grand holiday and money is not an issue, then, Lake Como area can surely overwhelm you. There are also cottages to rent in Lake Como if villa is something too big for you.
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