Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lake Como Holiday Ideas for Couples with Children

We love lazing around on beaches, paying black jack in casinos but they are not the only things to think about when you are with children. Holidaying with your beloved is always fun but when children too tag along, then, you have to take care of their fun part too. Lake Como is a holiday destination couples with children are in love with because it offers plenty of scope for their offspring to have fun. Following are the holiday ideas for couples with children at Lake Como.

Go for Mountain Biking

Lake Como area may be popular for its historic villas but beauty of its mountains is equally enchanting. Kids love to be in the wilderness and if you add the element of adventure to it, there will no end of exuberance. You can opt for planning a mountain biking trip for your family. Lake Como area offers green cover and trails that are not very dreary from the angle of a parent. Bikes can also be rented easily at Lake Como. So, planning a mountain biking trip will help you bond over nature.

Check out Italian cuisine

Kids love to eat and when it is the mouth watering Italian cuisine, there is no need to coax your child into eating. Italian food is rich in variety as well as taste. Lake Como area houses restaurants that are known for their unique taste. Best restaurants on lake Como like Navedano Como and Gatto Nero Cernobbio are known for indulging tourists with their Italian delicacies. Navedano Como is particularly celebrated amongst celebrities. It was visited by George Clooney and his girlfriend, Stacy Keibler earlier this year. Children would surely love to get an autograph if you stumbled on a cinema personality while dining there.

Explore the historic villas

Children are fascinated by everything grand, and historic villas of Lake Como perfectly fit the detail. There is no dearth of villas that have their existence before 19th century. Children would surely love to tread through large passages, explore spacious rooms and lavish gardens. Do a little research on the history of the villa to inspire awe from the children. And if you wish to add the element of fun, just spin a tale of how the owner buried a pot of gold somewhere in the house and left clues in the paintings. Villa for sale Como can also be explored if you are looking for an investment in real estate. Check Villas listing at

Water adventures

If your little flock is young enough to learn sailing, there could not be a better place than Lake Como. The lake offers scope of water sports like kite surfing, water skiing  sailing, wind surfing and yachting. While kids make merry under the watchful eye of professionals, you can have your share of water fun with your better half. And if your children are not of the adventure types, fishing is always a safe activity.
So, it can be said that besides searching for ‘luxury property for sale Como’, you can also look for vacation ideas or holiday ideas at Lake Como for some family fun.

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