Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Property at Lake Como Brings More Villas and Properties

Those who are familiar with the beauty of Lake Como are always looking forward to buy property and villas surrounding the third largest lake in Italy. The otherwise sweat breaking task is only simplified by companies like Property at Lake Como. Officials of the firm with much celebrated website http://www.villaatlakecomo.com/ recently stated that they are soon going to make fresh additions to their web property catalogue. Head of the company often referred for luxury Villas for sale Lake Como and was available for comment;

“From past some months, we have been trying to expand our property portfolio and finally we have some properties I am sure our clients would be very interested in. Our marketing team has worked very hard to get in touch with potential sellers and renters. I am sure there will be good response from clients once the properties get listed on our website.”
For travel and leisure, Lake Como is a much revered destination as it offers visitors lavish estates, architectural heritage and natural beauty. Those who like to take the vacation experience to the next level often look for historical villas for a regal stay. With the new additions, company’s clients would certainly have more options to choose from. It is being stated that new attractions are both in sale and rent categories. The same was reflected by the marketing head of the company.

“Our clients are not looking for houses; they are looking for experiences. Most of our listed villas serve as residences for short durations, mainly during vacation time. Keeping in mind that we receive equal requests for rental properties, we decided to equally focus on both type of properties. It took some time but results are satisfactory”

Moreover, not every visitor is looking forward to rent a whole villa for himself. Some look for luxury in its pure essence, something that could only be found at luxury resorts in Lake Como. Property at Lake Como makes sure that such clients get what they are looking for. While answering questions, research head also explained the reason behind selected hotels in the company website;

“As a company that only offers the best in the business, we have partnered with selective waterfront hotels Lake Como. All the hotels on our website are super luxury to give our clients an unforgettable experience. Though we keep looking for new hotel properties that can qualify our strict standards, new additions are not often made. We would rather keep our collection small than vast if it is quality we are talking about”
The same is the case with golf clubs Lake Como. Villa d’Este Golf Club, Menaggio & Cadenabbia Gold Club and Montecello Golf club are some of the attractions that keep golf enthusiasts busy when not exploring the sprawling estate marking Lake Como. A number of clubs have even hosted international events. Thus, one can be certain about the distinctiveness of 18- hole courses designed by the likes of Peter Gannon. Senior project manager commented on the same;        

“Lake Como landscape has a number of attractions and its exclusive golf courses are just one of them. In addition to it, there are a number of options such as surfing, sailing, wind surfing, fishing, yachting and many more worth experiencing. So, at Lake Como, there is a rare chance of boredom.”

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